How to Condition a Leather Jacket?

How to Condition a Leather Jackets

Real leather jackets cost you a pretty penny. However, regular cleaning and conditioning of leather jackets are critical to their durability. Proper leather maintenance tips land you long-lasting leather jackets.

What is a leather conditioner?

Leather conditioners add moisture to the leather products. So, the leather article can avoid dryness and cracks. Typically, leather conditioning gives you a timebound leather care routine to retrieve moisture. It reinforces the leather longevity too.

Professional leather care techniques leather jackets

  • Dry out the wet leather jacket before hanging it back in the closet.
  • Heat sources like an open flame, fireplace, and floor furnace do irreparable harm to your leather jacket. Keep a safe distance.
  • Gently wipe out dust, mud, food stains, spills, and wine marks using a damp rag and dry the jacket.
  • Also, wipe off harsh substances like gasoline, oil, and chemicals before rushing to a professional leather cleaner. Tell him all about the incident.
  • A yearly leather jacket cleaning and conditioning help a lot. Frequent use and exposure call for several cleaning sessions per year.
  • Plan for leather cleaning and conditioning in the yearend. So, your leather garment remains in its best shape until the next winter.

How to condition leather jackets?

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Conditioning is crucial for leather maintenance, flexibility, and comfort. As the leather jacket dries out, spread a thin layer of conditioner on the surface. It protects your leather goods from dryness, cracks, and discoloration.

However, you must test out a new leather conditioner by spot testing on a small area regardless of its name and fame. So, your leather jacket does not head into accidental damage.

Squeeze out a small amount of leather conditioner on a lint-free cloth and gently rub a thin layer. This is a universal leather conditioner application technique.

Let the jacket dry out naturally. The drying process takes approximately two hours. Initially, you might spot excess conditioner even after 24 hours. Buff it off using a lint-free and dry cloth. Note: You need to condition the leather jacket every six months.

Conditioning breathes new life to the leather jacket with an immediately noticeable brand new outlook.

A leather jacket requires utmost care. Put it away to its proper place unless you wear it regularly. Rainfalls are detrimental to its outlook and longevity.

So, never risk it out on a rainy day. Mud or dust needs immediate cleaning if you are hell-bent on avoiding stains. Good leather jackets are durable if properly cared for.

When to condition my leather jacket?

Your frequency of use determines how soon to condition it. If you wear it once in a blue moon, yearly conditioning suffices. However, regular use and exposure to the elements need you to give it a go every 3 months.

How frequently should I condition my leather jacket?

Conditioning gives the jacket a new lease of life for about 6-12 months. Also, you can visibly identify your dehydrated leather jacket after a while. On average, top leather experts recommend 1-2 conditioning per year. Besides, seasonal and environmental changes rush your leather conditioning schedule.

Can my leather jacket withstand washing machine?

As a natural organic component, leather suppleness originates from inherent natural oils. The washing machine ruthlessly drives out those natural oils. Hence, the leather jacket dries out and shows cracks.

Still, you can retrieve the lost oils. But one wash wreaks your jacket beyond conditioning and restoration to its old, attractive outlook. Therefore, never wash a leather jacket in a washing machine.


Leather jackets demand nuanced care and attention. So, they can dodge peeling, cracking, and fading. Our best leather maintenance guide preserves your leather jacket like a precious garment it is. You can extend its durability for years to come. 

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