LeatherFact.com takes you to an uncharted territory in the glamorous world of leather.

A team of incredibly professional experts curve out your journey with highly calculated steps. We know and understand that a leather lover will settle for nothing else. True admirers are really invested into the gorgeous looks and charming comfort of it.


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Rediscovering the lost craft and laying out a trailblazing effect has been our goal. Devoted customers are looking for refined taste in leather craftsmanship. Well, Leather Fact realises your deepest desires with trendsetting designs and styles, never seen before.


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If you have profound knowledge regarding the intricacies of leather goods, you are cordially welcome to meet us.


You are regularly brushed aside as a tough customer or lack of imagination literally repulses you. Never forget that we are, in fact, looking for you.

Leather Fact introduces timeless novelties and legacies to your everyday life. You find the truest blend of leather taste from across the world. We shore up ethical values in leather business as we partner with the best masters and artists.

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