10 Best Leather Conditioner for Jackets 2023 (Expert’s Picks)

Leather Conditioner for jackets

Leather jackets are stylish and elegant. But, the only problem with the leather jacket is, it gets a worn-out look after using it a couple of times. This huge drawback is so irritating and sometimes unrecoverable.

-Are you having the same problems?

Is your newly bought leather jacket unfit to use? If so, then don’t have to worry anymore. In this article, we have covered some of the best leather conditioners for jackets thus your days of hopelessness are gone now.

Furthermore, we will also try to cover some crucial ‘pieces of information’ on leather jackets and other leather jacket conditioners.

What is a Leather Conditioner?

Usually, we prefer the conditioner for the nutrition and nourishment provider of our hair. Other than that, there are different conditioners for different uses and different spots.

All types of conditioners are used for one purpose only, that is, nourishment and extra protection from outside damaging factors.

However, the leather conditioner is a bit different than the usual conditioner. So, in general opinion, leather conditioner is a chemical product that is used only in leathers to restore it, preserve for a long time, prevent damaging sources, and protect the natural form of leather.

A good leather conditioner will have these characteristics-

  • The conditioner oil has to be quickly observable by leather.
  • This chemical will help the leather to nourish and restore its natural flexibility.
  • A Best leather coat conditioner will be able to protect the leather products from worn-out.
  • Leather conditioners will have anti-UV(Ultra Violet) properties.

If your used leather conditioner for jackets doesn’t ensure these properties, then what’s the point of using it?

Our top 10 Best Leather Jacket Conditioners:

This list of leather conditioners was the fruit of our tons of efforts and restless research by our experts. We started with more than 50 products and hastened in only 10 on our list.

Some of these products were chosen by real leather conditioner manufacturers. With their guidance, we were able to create this list of the best leather conditioner for jackets.

So, you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of this guide. You can boldly trust us because this list was created with the help of real leather experts, experience from motorcycle riders, leather engineers, and leather smiths.

If any of these products help you in real life, that would be our utmost achievement.

Aged Leather Pros Waterproofing Conditioner:

Aged Leather Pros Leather Waterproofing

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Rainy seasons and a bit gloomy weather is the worst for leather jackets. We all know water speeds up the rotting process of leather. All experts of leather will recommend you not to wear your leather jackets on rainy days. The same goes for the heavy snowfall. 

But, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear your leather jacket in gloomy weather. All your jacket needs is a touch from Aged Leather Pros. This waterproofing conditioner can offer all-in-one benefits to you. Aged leather waterproofing conditioner is a premium liquid type formula that has all-natural ingredients to prevent any stain, spots, and other condiments. 

This product is so popular that many leather smiths and leather crafters used it for generations. To maintain quality over quantity, manufacturers create every bottle of Aged leather pros by hand. So, get yours before stocks finish. 

Special Features:

Aged Leather Pros guarantees an extra layer of protection, which will protect your jacket from dust, water stains, wine stains, winter salt, etc.

Moreover, it will ensure the breathability of the jacket and assure the perfect texture of the leather for years. 

You are more of a nature-loving person than a city-folk and love natural elements, so Aged leather pros should be your first choice. Manufacturers used 100% natural ingredients for Aged Leather Pros and no artificial ingredients. 

Other than that, Aged Leather pros will ensure an odorless experience, Colorless spray type, and biodegradable. It’s undoubtedly one of the best leather conditioners for jackets. 


  • Clean and protect the two-in-one solution.
  • Non-toxic silicone-based spray.
  • Make leather more weather resistant. 
  • Ensures breathability.
  • Easy usage application.
  • Extend leather jacket lifetime.
  • Endure scuffs, dry out, and cracking. 
  • No buffing is needed before applying. 
  • Applicable to other leather products besides leather jackets. 


  • Not so good at restoring leather products. 

Bickmore Leather Conditioner:

Bickmore Exotic Leather Spray Used to Clean

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Bickmore is a well-known American company for years, and their products are also popular among general leather product users. They are a traditional brand that expertise in both quality and quantity. Since 1882, Bickmore has brought satisfaction to millions of customers with their product quality, customer service, and authenticity. 

Heavy-duty leather needs heavy-duty protection. That Bickmore leather conditioner comes to save the day. Bickmore leather conditioner is a balm based product that will give your leather jacket industrial graded protection. It’s a thick and powerful formula that reaches the deepest part of the leather and strengthens core leather fibers. 

Special Features:

Unlike other leather conditioner products, Bickmore specializes in giving more protection from all sources that include stains, dirt, dryness, and cracks. Even if you have a worn-out leather jacket, you don’t have to worry a bit. Bickmore balm solution is perfect for restoring aged leather. 

Moreover, you may think this product was developed only for shoes and hats, but it’s not. When we first saw the product, we thought it was only meant for leather shoes and hats too. So, to check out its results, we applied a bit in a cracked and darkened jacket area. The results were pretty good, the dark swallow parts were brightened, and the cracks were gone. 

In our opinion, Bickmore is undoubtedly the best leather jacket cleaner and conditioner at the same time. 


  • Works in almost all types of leather.
  • Can extend the life of leather products. 
  • No darkening after applying the conditioner. 
  • Wax free.
  • Simple yet effective formula. 
  • No harmful chemicals. 
  • No discoloration after usage. 
  • Keep the leather soft and smooth. 


  • Only works in small areas of leather products.

Lexol Leather Conditioner:

Lexol Leather Conditioner

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Leather conditioners can protect and beautify your leather products. But, can they preserve leather’s natural integrity for a long time? There is a difference in protection and preservation. If your leather conditioner can offer more preservation potentiality, then you can use your leather jacket for a long time without scuffs, dirt, and darkening. But, protection may offer these features, but preservation can offer more. 

Lexol leather conditioner guarantees you both at the same time. This conditioner is a liquid-based formula that generally works on worn-out and shabby leather. It’s microscopic droplets of oil preserve and protects the leather from dust, stains and also works as a scuff remover. 

Special Features:

Do you know, bed bugs can live in your leather products if there are smudged spots? The anti-insect repellent properties of Lexol leather conditioner can relieve you from the tension of bed bugs. We can assure you only a few products in the market can offer this feature. 

Moreover, Lexol leather conditioner is great for bonding leather fibers, nourishing leather, and increasing leather durability. The best part is all these benefits are available without a chemical solvent. Lexol leather conditioner offers 100% non-toxic ingredients. 


  • Works on leather and vinyl both.
  • Comes in a bigger size
  • Strengthen the leather. 
  • Increases leather durability and toughness. 
  • No grassy residue after usage. 
  • Doesn’t darken or discolor the leather surface.
  • Easy to use. 
  • Preserve leather for a long time. 


  • Doesn’t work quite well for soft, suede, and glove leather. 

Leather CPR Cleaner and Conditioner:

CPR Cleaning Products Leather CPR Cleaner & Conditioner

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CPR is a well-known brand in the leather conditioner business. Their products can offer unchallenged quality. All we can say is they are amazing at customer satisfaction. 

Leather CPR conditioner is one of the products that can do all your work at once. No matter how much your leather product is discolored, smudged, or shabby, this marvelous conditioner can restore it. It’s restoring capabilities makes it the best leather jacket cleaner in the market. 

Special Features:

The best part about leather CPR cleaner is that it protects and improves your old leather product and proved not to harm the skin. More importantly, this comes at a lower price than other leather conditioners. 

For its cleaning and conditioning both in one feature, you can save extra money in buying another product. Bring life to your leather. 


  • Works on almost all types of leathers. 
  • Has 100% cosmetic ingredients.
  • Softens stiff leathers. 
  • Dense the leather color after usage. 
  • Big bottle; large amount.
  • No skin infection caution.
  • Remove scratches.
  • Dermatologist tested product. 


  • Not applicable in porous leather such as suede. 

Adam’s Leather Care Kit:

 Adam’s Leather Care Kit - Leather Cleaner

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Do you think only conditioning is not going to work for you, and conditioners that guarantee cleaning is not that trustworthy?

If so, then you do not have to worry a bit. Adam’s leather cleaning kit is just for you. This kit guarantees cleaning and conditioning both at the same time, and also their kit proves it. 

At first, we thought this product was not mention-worthy. But, in the test, the product was legit and genuine. This kit includes some necessary stuff such as cleaning wipes, sponges, a cleaner, and a conditioner. 

Special Features:

This leather cleaning kit works a bit differently than other cleaning products, which makes it unique. Adam’s conditioning formula works well with the cleaning gear. Before conditioning, you have to clean the leather first to get the best results. 

Moreover, manufacturers used a unique formula that can be used both in interior and exterior areas of leather. The soft sponge ensures the best buffing possible to get a smooth surface, premium protection, and a fast cleaning process. 

While comparing with other products, we saw it’s not that prized if you think so, because the cleaning kit comes with many other individual products. 


  • The all-in-one solution for cleaning and conditioning.
  • PH natural solution.
  • Safeguards leather against smudges and dry out.
  • Fresh fragrance. 
  • No-DIY formula. 
  • Renews Initial Sheen and Color. 
  • It has a premium UV and SPF365 protection feature.
  • 2 step cleaning process. 


  • No custom brush 
  • Less effective against leather blazers. 

Weiman Deap Leather Conditioner Cream:

 Weiman Deep Leather Conditioner Cream

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Weiman is an interior store that generally manufactures house-hold cleaning products and conditioners. They literally manufacture cleaning products for glass, stainless steel, glass cooker, granite stone, hardwood floor, and stone floor. Weiman products are quite popular on Amazon, and they have tons of positive customer reviews. 

In winter, leather becomes a bit rough and hard to wear. Due to the extreme cold, leather’s natural integrity and flexibility decrease over time. This state makes the jacket harder to wear and quite uncomfortable. But, Wieman deep leather conditioner cream can reduce the hardness inside the leather microfiber, and make leather comfy again. 

Special Features:

Weiman leather conditioner does cleaning precisely, conditions the leather, and restores old and worn-out leather with only one product. The best part about this feature is, you don’t have to rely on other additional products while using this one. 

A simple and efficient cream formula reaches deep inside the leather, nourishes it, and restores its new look. This product works well in harsh environments and rough weather conditions. So, you don’t have to worry about bringing your jacket in the extreme cold or extremely hot. 


  • A multi-working product.
  • Comes with a microfiber cloth. 
  • Usable in other leather products besides jackets. 
  • Revitalize and renew.
  • No darkening after usage. 
  • Removes cracks. 
  • Ultimate weather protection.
  • Works well in a humid environment. 


  • Not applicable for the unfinished leather surface. 

Cadillac Leather Conditioner:


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Cadillac brand specializes basically in leather shoes, but amazingly their products are usable in all types of leather products. It’s because their product formula enhances all types of leather surfaces. So, if you use one of their products in a shoe and get your desired result, don’t hesitate to use it in your jacket. The outcome will be the same. 

Special Features:

Cadillac leather conditioner works amazingly for reptile skin leather. You have a croc leather bag or a python leather boot, then choose Cadillac leather conditioner for the best conditioning. 

Moreover, this conditioner leaves a smooth and mild surface, which is comfy to use and excellent protection from scratches, water spots, and oil stains. The smooth surface of leather doesn’t stink and agitate the user’s skin, because it has no toxic or harmful ingredients. 

The best part is, manufacturers created the white-creamy solution using any wax. So basically, it’s 100% wax-free. 


  • Applicable to all types of animal skin leather. 
  • Works as a leather sealant. 
  • Comes in 3 variants. 
  • No wax or silicon is used in the formula. 
  • Good customer service. 
  • Wide range of usage. 
  • An odor-free refreshing smell. 
  • Keeps leather at its optimum state for a long time. 


  • Doesn’t give that much weather protection. 

Leather Honey Conditioner and Cleaning Kit (Best Yet):

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner

Check Price on AMAZON →

Leather Honey is a great American store, which has brought amazing leather-based products, since 1968. They believe quality is better than quantity. Ultimate customer satisfaction is Leather Honey’s first priority, no doubt about that. 

To offer the best experience Leather Honey formulated one of the best cleaning and conditioners out there. The leather honey conditioner and cleaning formula are completely different from other conditioner products. This formula is a bit mild, sticky, and dense which conditions the outer surface of the leather, alongside the deepest parts. 

One of the interesting parts is that manufacturers used real honey-based ingredients in the leather honey conditioner. 

Special Features:

Leather honey comes in a complete leather care kit, which guarantees cleaning and conditioning at the same time. Deep reaching honey-based formula can penetrate the thick layer of leather and nourish deep inside. 

Moreover, a non-toxic and harmless formula can be used without gloves. You don’t have to put on your safety gloves or apparel to apply it. 

The 4-step usage application is awesome- 

  1. Wipe out the dust and debris of the leather product. 
  2. Apply the leather honey conditioner. 
  3. Rub it gently. 
  4. Give time to soak and finish. 


  • Can be used for year old and worn-out leather restoration. 
  • Gentle cleaning and conditioning formula. 
  • No toxic or harmful chemicals were used. 
  • The main ingredients are natural products.
  • The all-in-one cleaning kit. 
  • 100% money-back guarantee. 
  • No overwhelming fumes. 
  • 1 bottle of cleaner and conditioner can be used for a long time. 


  • Leaves a bit of sticky residue after usage. 

Meguiar’s Ultimate Leather Balm Conditioner:

Meguiar’s Ultimate Leather Balm

Check Price on AMAZON →

Almost all types of leather conditioners have spray mechanics. The entire balm solution is pretty rare nowadays. The reason is balm conditioner manufacturers generally use wax to create the slipperiness. We all know wax can dry out the leather and build stiffness. 

But, Meguriar’s ultimate leather balm conditioner is different than other balm type conditioners. The amount of wax used in this conditioner is not too much. 

Special features:

Meguiar’s leather conditioner works like all other conditioners, but it has one more advantage. It blocks UV rays more effectively than other conditioners. 

Moreover, the wax doesn’t ruin your jacket at all. The other ingredients used in the formula such, as naphthol spirits, cocoa butter, and jojoba oil are not that harmful to leather. After usage, the smell is pretty much like a pina colada type, which may ruin your mood. 

However, the product states that their rich and premium formula doesn’t harm leather at all. It worked quite well in our tests when we checked it out. So, overall it’s a noteworthy mention. 


  • Can be used in many types of leather surfaces.
  • Premium formula. 
  • Pack contains a small soft foam applicator pack.
  • Ultimate UV protection.
  • Also applicable to vinyl. 
  • Gently clean the leather and leave behind a smooth finish. 
  • Good for plastic surfaces and NAV screens.
  • Leave a rejuvenated appearance. 


  • Contains petroleum distillates that can dry up and harm the leathers. 

Doc Bailey’s Leather Detail Kit (Second Best):

Doc Bailey’s

Check Price on AMAZON →

Doc Bailey’s products are always top-notch and can give the user the best experience possible. The company was founded in America and started manufacturing cleaning and conditioner products in the 80s. They also repair and restore your leather products through their online website and directly sell their products from there. 

Special Features:

Compared to other Doc Bailey products, the leather detail kit is pretty good. It has enough good qualities like other conditioners and cleaners. We recommend you to use it in foggy weather because Doc Bailey’s conditioner can block water more than usual leather conditioners. 

Usually, motorcycle riders love to wear their jackets all season. So, they love a cleaning kit that will save time and money. Doc Bailey does the job for you. Protecting your leather jacket from the worst weather situation, nourishes leather, and works as a sealant for all types of outer damage. 

So, in our opinion, Doc Bailey is one of the best leather conditioners for motorcycle jackets out there. 


  • Effective waterproofing.
  • Detergent cleaning mechanics.
  • Used specialized wax that doesn’t ruin the leather. 
  • Protect leather color from UV rays and moisture.
  • No silicone and petroleum-based formula.
  • Leaves a smooth and shiny finish. 
  • Used natural elements such as lanolin oil. 
  • Darkens the black color more. 


  • Not applicable for pure suede and full-grain leathers. 

Some Serious Stuff about Leather Jackets and Leather Jackets Conditioner:

When we talk about leather jackets, the first thing that comes to our mind is motorcycle leather jackets. If you are a rider and feeling a bit down, a long motorcycle ride with your favorite leather jacket is what will first come into your mind.

These leather jackets not just for style or comfort but also can save your life from serious accidents. Also, it depends on what type of jacket you are wearing?

These jackets are popular in the market-

  • Moto jackets.
  • Field leather jackets.
  • Blazers are made with leather.
  • Leather vests.
  • Shirts made of leather.

But, almost every motorcycle rider will say that leather jackets can’t protect the rider always. However, leather jackets will protect against small injuries like cuts, bruises, and serious wounds.

How much protection you will get will depend on your leather conditions, material, and integrity. After a long time of use, your leather jacket will lose its natural integrity and elasticity. It will dry out and can’t give the rider much protection in the time of crashes.

You may compromise about the style and comfort, but can you ever compromise your life? Furthermore, your jacket will protect you from dust, debris, rain, and foggy weather. Even a good manufactured leather jacket can get wrecked in these circumstances.

The moral of the story is, only a good leather conditioner will help you to maintain that new look of your jacket, protect you from outside sources, and make your leather jacket a protective layer in a crash.

So, consider these best leather conditioners for jackets as your crucial time’s friend.

General Types of Leather Conditioner for Leather Jackets:

There are many types of conditioners for leather and hundreds of options to choose from; one unfortunate thing is you may get confused while choosing from different variants.

While searching for the best one, you will find these general forms of conditioners in the market.

Leather Conditioning Wipes:

These leather conditioners come in the form of wet wipes. They are pretty much simple to use and cheaper than regular conditioners.

But, you have to remember low-cost is not always the best option. Leather conditioner wipes may come in the budget, but their effect is not that heavy like other conditioners. You may need to use a lot of wipes for day-to-day use.

However, if you are a frequent user of your leather jacket and other leather products and like to care for your stuff often, then we highly recommend using conditioning wipes for the best experience.

But, we can’t recommend them as the best leather conditioner for jackets.

Fluid Type Conditioners:

The liquid type of conditioners is commonly used and known by everyone. Almost every best conditioner comes in the form of liquid.

However, the applying method can be different for particular products, but commonly the spraying can is much commercial.

Moreover, liquid conditioners are popular because product manufacturers can certainly put all the essential ingredients.

More importantly, you can spray all over the jacket super fast using the spray mechanism. The only drawback is, it may take some time to dry out the liquid.

Conditioning Balms:

These are a bit oily and waxy type of conditioners. Particularly known as conditioner wax is excellent for leather jackets and other leather products.

For its creamy texture, it’s better to use a hand before applying it to the leather product. This way, you will know exactly how much and where to put the balm. And, also rubbing the wax with a hand will ensure it’s deep reach into the leather precisely.

You may be a bit cleaning conscious, to use your bare hands for the rubbing process. If so, then use a piece of fabric to apply the balm.

Conditioning Creams:

These conditioners are a bit similar to the balm conditioners but not entirely the same. Conditioner creams are the easiest to apply and are unusually better than balms and wipes, but not as good as liquid types.

Moreover, conditioner cream is not that solid type and, at the same time, not too watery consistency. You can apply them with multi-fiber rags effortlessly.

Home-Made Oil Type Conditioners:

This one you can create on your own. Home-made conditioners are popular among rural people working with animal skin and hides. For centuries, people have used many kinds of ingredients for making these conditioners.

There are 3 amazing methods you can try-

  1. Lemon essential oil
  2. Beeswax
  3. Natural baby soap

Among these 3 methods, natural baby soap is quite popular and works like a charm.

How to Make a Natural Baby Soap Home-made Conditioner?

Before starting, you have to keep in mind that most of the soaps are not a better choice for leather; because they may stain and eliminate the natural elasticity of leather for good.

But, baby soaps are an exception. However, you have to choose the right baby soap for this one to make the best leather jacket conditioner out of it.

We will recommend using the Dove baby bar or Johnson baby soap, which you can easily find on Amazon.

Here is the full process of making and applying the conditioner-


  • One-quarter of water
  • One spoon of soap
  • Vinegar (few drops)
  • A small amount of natural lemon oil for fragrance (few drops)


  • Mix all the above ingredients together except for lemon oil.
  • Soak a soft towel into the mixture and then gently twist the towel to dry it out. But don’t overdo it.
  • Now, wipe down the entire surface of your leather jacket and allow it to dry.
  • Finally, when your jacket is dried out, wipe the stored up lemon oil in the leather jacket for the finishing touch. It will add more nourishing to your leather jacket.

Why are Leather Conditioners Essential for Leather Jackets?

Well, you may say, ” I am careful with my garments and take necessary caring regimes weekly.” If so, then why your leather jacket looks like a messy product after a couple of uses.

No, it’s not your mistake that ruins your garment, but the process of care is the one to blame. Leathers will naturally decay over time, no matter how much creative manufacturers try to be.

What manufacturers do is slow down the decaying process by using many types of artificial methods.

However, leather will still decay over time, and this process speeds up depending on these circumstances-

  • Humid weather
  • Saltwater
  • Damp conditions

Other than these kinds of stuff, your leather jacket has to face UV ray exposure, oxygen levels, and microbial environment. So, boldly taking care will not make your leather jacket long-lasting, flawless, and shiny.

Leather conditioners can offer you these benefits period-

  • Conditioning will restore leather’s natural softness, moisture and make it supple.
  • Leather conditioners will prevent stains and blemishes.
  • It will help you to remove little scuffs and make your leather shiny as new.
  • You can put on your leather jacket, without hesitation.

A simple product can ensure you this many benefits over time, and the best part is you don’t have to go through any types of restoring process again and again.

Usage Rate of Leather Conditioner on Your Jacket:

It depends on how much you are using your jacket. You may be wearing your leather garment weekly, once a month, or on a daily basis.

The more you use your leather jacket, the better treatment it needs to stay new. Also, your usage rate will inform you how often you will need to use any conditioners or the best leather jacket cleaner.

Here are some things that will depend on the leather jacket cleaner and conditioner regime-

  • The type of leather jacket you are using.
  • Your living area.
  • How often does your jacket expose to the sun?

And, unquestionably your wearing frequency. No matter whatever your situation is, we suggest you use your leather conditioner regularly.

It will not only help your jacket remain top-notch but also, will protect it from other sources.

Now you know when you have to use your leather conditioner, but the question is, how will you use your leather conditioner?

-You can follow these 4 easy steps to complete your leather jacket conditioning-

  1. Pour your leather cleaner on a towel. You can use a sponge if you want to.
  2. While cleaning, it’s better to divide your cleaning sections and prioritize according to them. So, try to clean one spot at a time.
  3. Rub each section of the chosen garment with the conditioner soaked towel. It’s better not to rush while cleaning. Wipe the areas gently, or it may ruin your garment.
  4. Now, allow your garment to dry and start the process all over again. For the best results, it’s better to clean 2 times more than 1.

Concluding on Best Leather Conditioner for Jackets:

Last but not least suggestion is to maintain your leather conditioner usage frequency. Using once in a week will not do because dust, moisture, and the sun are constantly affecting your leather jacket’s conditions.

Before you even know, your leather jacket will ruin for goods, and you can’t restore it back. So, conditioning once in 2 or 3 days is crucial to keep a nice and shiny appearance on your jacket.

In our guide, some of the products may be expensive, but trust us, every one of these products will be worthwhile for your time and budget.

We hope this guide will help you to find the best leather conditioner for jackets and is helpful to maintain your desired leather jacket’s shape.

If our presented information was helpful, then let us know in the comments, and please share your valuable thoughts, opinions, and suggestions about this article. Have a good day.

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