How to Fix Scratches on Leather Couch from Dog

Fix Scratches on Leather Couch from Dog

Your premium quality leather couches are always prey to the mischiefs of the dog. Besides, kids and someone’s inattentive actions could result in scratches.

Scratches, scrapes, and burns call for corrections. It brings back life to one of the costliest items in your house.

— So, let’s delve into how to fix scratches on leather couch from dog.

Why do scratches happen?

In short, the long nails of your dogs and cats are responsible. They sit and play on top of the sofa and the outcome is a bunch of ugly scratches.

Biting and chewing on their part can also be held accountable. Razor-sharp pet teeth can do more damage than we are willing to give them credit for.

Humans are also at fault for it. The kids especially disregard the sensitivity of the cool leather couch. They might express their rage or evil designs on the couch.

Their toys and study materials occasionally end up on it. — For example, light touch of the pen nibs, rulers, compass, or toys can do it.

Sharp-edged objects can do it too. No matter how careful you are around the leather sofa, it catches some marks over the years.

These spots almost ruin the beautiful appearance of the furniture. But scratches are never any serious concern for leather.

Be with us.

How to fix scratches on leather couch from dog?

Luckily, you can restore the genuine leather couch to its previous glory, with some easy techniques. You need leather repair tools, depending on the type of scratch.

  1. Leather cleaner Scissors
  2. Wax coating
  3. Olive oil
  4. Leather glue
  5. Leather filler
  6. Leather dye
  7. Leather finish
  8. Soft cloth
  9. Hairdryer

How to fix minor leather scratches?

This is nothing extraordinary. Put a little olive oil or wax balm on a soft cloth and rub it across the scratch. It will go away. The best wax coatings are good for fading, cracking, and drying too.

—  Though some master craftsmen advocate against oil, none have any reservations toward the leather balm.

If the scuffs are almost imperceptible or very insignificant in size, a simple damp cloth can do the magic as well. In that case, you even do not need any wax or oil.

— However, some of our leather experts are dead against using oil of any kind, due to the porous and organic structure of the leather.

The oil takes a permanent seat down there and cripples the strength of leather over time. Oils could eventually endorse and stimulate the decaying process.

How to fix major leather scratches?

A deep scratch identifies itself with bare threads. You can see exposed fibers bulging out of the affected area. This is a signal for tighter preparation. Get your things together for a lengthy task ahead.

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Clean the zone:

First, clean the scratch area with the top leather cleaner and a soft cloth. Now, carefully sever the bare threads using the scissors. The surface of the scrape should be leveled out right around this time.

Glue it & fill it:

Apply a proportionate amount of premium leather glue on a soft cloth. Then, benignly rub it across the scratch.

Continue this process until it smooths out around the edges. You need a high-quality leather filler to stuff the cavity. Even out the dip with the surface.

Dry it:

For filler to get activated, you must dry it out according to the guidelines. Each layer of it requires individual drying.

So, a hairdryer could be of huge help. After the filler is sapped of its moisture, sand down the damaged zone.

Cleaning & dyeing:

Massage some alcohol cleaner and let it sit and dry. Bring out the classic leather dye as it is time for rejuvenating the couch.

— Be careful about the color match and use a sponge to apply it. Do it in an inconspicuous area first. So, you can easily go for damage control.


After all is set and done, give a final touch of the best leather finish. It literally reincarnates your leather sofa. A perfect finish can retrieve the shiny look and great feel.

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For deep leather holes or tears:

You may take a trip to the detail as it is a whole new story, requiring patches and tricky tactics. Fixing a leather hole or mending a torn leather couch takes time and effort as well.

How to stop your pets from hogging the leather couch?

There are some real-world solutions to stop your pets from making it to the leather. We are highlighting the easiest leather protection means for you.

Arrange the dog bed:

Train the puppy for its bed. So, it does not attempt to sit on the couch.

Toy ploys:

Set up the pet toys away from the leather sofa. The pet will remain busy at a safe distance.

Cover the surface:

The pets somehow manage to get on board. Shut down the possibility of incidents, by placing a cover around the couch. You will find it in the market, — exclusively outlined to clear out the furniture from the pet paws.

Groom the pet:

Get the puppy under the nail trimmers. So, there is no chance of friction left out in the open. Keep a shorter coat as it will slash down the fur. Bathe and clean the skin, to make it dander-free.

Reinforce good behavior:

The couch is not for pets. The better they get it, the safer the sofa remains. You can resort to positive reinforcement training. — Use some treats and appreciations, to accustom them to their places.

There is no cat-proof or dog-proof leather sofa. You need to protect, by shutting out the pet altogether from the room.

Or you may introduce these proven protective approaches.

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Final Thought:

You galloped through this write-up because you want to save a pretty penny, by avoiding a call to the manufacturer or the professionals.

— You know they charge a lot for real leather fixations. But with a little patience and a good set of instructions, you can do it all by yourself.

This is more of masking the damage as leather scratches are barely any concern for leather admirers. It happens all the time.

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