Lexol Leather Conditioner for All Leather Goods in 2022

Lexol Leather Conditioner

The Lexol brand has been leading the leather care industry since 1933. Lexol conditioners are reputed for their premium care and deep nourishment for the leather goods. It has introduced the most wanted conditioning oils applied by the tanners in the manufacturing process.

Beauty and durability has always been the top priority for Lexol. Over the years, their trusted formula has garnered utmost customer reliability in terms of cleanliness, restoration and maintenance of your precious leather items. Consequently, this brand has earned a pioneering role in the tannery industry as a whole.

Lexol Leather Conditioner:

Keeping the ever shifting market demands on the forefront, they have outlined this 3 litre cleaner and conditioner. We are now diving deep into what is at stake for you.


Conditioner & cleaner:

Due to the porous structure of real leather, dirt and dust get stuck into the nook and cranny of your beloved leather product. Lexol conditioner & cleaner retrieves the beautiful appearance once more, each time you apply it. It strengthens the outer surface with deep conditioning. Besides, the top area enjoys superior protection from stains. On a side note, it also enhances the patina. 

Aging & durability:

Cracking and premature aging goes out of question. Most importantly, the conditioner leaves no greasy residue at all and fetches a smooth as well as finished look. Tiny oil droplet formula immensely contributes to a robust bondage between the conditioner and the leather fiber. In turn, the flexibility and endurance of the product goes up significantly. It substantially slows down the daily wear and tear like a quick fix.

Water resistance:

Lexol shows some wonders as a softener but not so much as a waterproofing material.

Method of use:

The manufacturers have placed your ease of use at the forefront. As a result, the Lexol conditioner is subject to all kinds of application including spraying, rubbing, buffing and wiping on the surface. Let the leather dry for an hour after using the conditioner. Rub wax after it perfectly dries out. You might occasionally trace a distinctly slippery feel because of the conditioner. So proper drying out is mandatory as an immediate drive out could result in a slippery steering wheel.

Product range:

It has been designed to apply on leather car upholstery, trucks, shoes, boots, baggage, saddles, sports equipment including baseball gloves, sofas, couches, chairs, handbags, briefcases, and other leather accessories such as belts, bags and purses. For sofas and couches, you need to contact your manufacturer before you put it in action because there are reports of whitish marks from some reliable sources.

No wax formula:

Contains no wax.


Apply it twice a year and it will do enough. Due to its inherently benign nature, you can even go for more than twice in case the leather products need immediate attention. Lexol conditioner along with Lexol cleaning pads can genuinely show you some miracles.


The smell of Lexol almost resembles that of leather itself. It rarely seems troublesome to the customers unless you have a hound nose out there. You can barely distinguish it from leather due to its mild nature. However if you smell it, you may find it unpleasant. On a positive note, it dissipates quite rapidly and leaves a fresh leather smell. Mostly you will never care about it at all.

Effects on color:

Though Lexol does not use harsh chemicals, some of your leather items might experience a little change of color. Especially if the color is on the brighter side of the spectrum, you have a reason to suspect that it will undergo mild alterations. Better to be on the safe side and try it on a hidden corner, out of the usual sights or inspections.


Reasonable price for a 3 liter pack.

Leather type:

Lexol leather conditioner is not recommended for suede or extremely soft leather as even the gentle chemical reaction might have a negative impact upon the texture and the surface.

Expert opinion:

Our experts team has clearly outlined a whole line of advantages and disadvantages of Lexol leather conditioner. We are of the opinion that Lexol performs above average range when it comes to leather cleaning and conditioning. It sharpens the outlook and pushes away the aging concerns. The product is made of gentle chemical components. So its application does not cause dramatic changes or damages. Protects leather from cracking.

The irresistible pricing goes right into your head. Moreover, one cannot write off almost 9 decades of Lexol experience in the leather industry. You can visibly feel the client satisfaction arising from the conditioner. There are even customers who rely on it for 3-4 decades on a stretch. The superior quality and ultimate on-field achievement throughout the years tell a one of a kind story.

Contrarily, there are several points to be aware of as well. You should not use it on suede or exceedingly soft leather. Bright colors may rarely experience a little change in hue. The drying out process must be carried out in accordance with the guidelines.

Otherwise, leather objects may slip out of hands due to an essentially silky surface. The mild smell is not a deep concern but for few. You must test it on an invisible corner before going all over any precious leather furniture or products. These careful steps can keep you away from harms.

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