How to reupholster a leather sofa (5 Easy Steps)

How to reupholster a leather sofa

A top quality leather sofa cannot be eliminated altogether as you start developing a distaste for its outlook. A little effort could transform the appearance altogether. The greatest idea is to upholster it.

So how to reupholster a leather sofa is a legit inquiry. We are going to display the Leather Fact thoughts on this vital issue.

What tools do you need to reupholster a leather sofa?

Your tool list should include adequate leather or fabric, a flat head screwdriver, seam ripper, staple gun and staples, electric scissors or fabric cutter, chalk, needle and thread or sewing machine.

How can we reupholster a leather sofa?

Let’s face it, the DIY route requires precise tools, time and experience. But experience is not mandatory if you have a clear guideline. You are about to arm yourself with that specific know-how.

Step1: Remove old leather or fabric:

Remove old leather or fabricTurn the sofa upside down and then dislodge the staples using a flat head screwdriver. Restore the leather pieces to their original size using a seam ripper. Separate these dismissed pieces as they outline the precise measurement for you to follow.

Step2: Cut new leather into the right size:

Cut new leather into the right size

Take the electric scissors or a fabric cutter to shape up the new leather. But first, put the old leather on top of the new one on a flat surface. Hold them tight in place with clips or pins on all corners. If you feel shaky, get the chalk to draw the pattern prior to cutting. Allow an extra 1 inch seam across all sides for professional reupholstering.

Step3: Staple the leather on the back:

Staple the leather on the back

Begin it from the back by aligning the cut leather parts along the previous edges, underneath. Staple it with the staple gun. Pull it up strongly so that the fitting goes snug. 

Step4: Staple the leather on the front:

Staple the leather on the front

Pull and place the upper front piece bottom up and let it dangle down the back. At the top of the sofa, flip the leather piece and staple it along the upper edges of the hind piece. Now, you do not want the staples showing themselves. Flick the leather over on the border. Stick to the old seam edges all along.

For the bottom front part, place it onto the top and flip the piece there before stapling. This flipping gets the staples out of eyesight. Then smooth down the leather and drag it down the sofa to the underside and staple it there.

Again, check out the old fitting points before stapling. Take care in hiding the staples. Set the arm pieces onto the sofa and staple in place on the inside and outside of the back.

Step5: Fashion cushion covers:

Fashion cushion covers

The cushion covers need some readjustment as well. Make slipcovers and sew these pieces together with a zipper for easy pulling out and pushing in.

For more insights, watch some of the best YouTube videos on leather couch reupholstering.

When to reupholster a leather sofa?

This question could pose a significant dilemma. What bars or prompts us in this respect? Dig in.

If it is a hereditary possession that carries remarkable sentimental value, you may have to rethink. Often history bears more importance than outlook.

Time puts additional value on a piece of furniture. A decade or a century old leather sofa cannot be measured in terms of money.

A robust frame gives you all the reasons to go for reupholstering. Changing the torn and worn leather cover could bring it back to life. This is especially true for premium quality leather couches.

Consider the monetary issue as well. A new one will cost you a fortune whereas reframing the old piece could save those extra bucks.


Slip covering could be a shortcut and low budget solution to a leather couch reupholstering. Another way is to clean the sofa using the best couch cleaners.

However, it is your preference after all. Tired and rugged looks of your sofa can easily be revamped using the right kinds of tools and expertise. Many people jump into new ventures to refresh their mind. It gives them the

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